We offer state-of-the-art engineering, automation and systems integration capabilities with the latest technologies including PLC based control systems, SCADA systems, motor controls and all technologies in powering and controlling everything from power systems, instrumentation and automation. Our Company has proven capabilities and experience with highly qualified engineers and designers working in our Kitwe office. In our business, we have met, and often exceeded, our client's expectations. With customer satisfaction as our goal, we develop partnerships and provide services to meet client's financial and operational constraints. 


  • Street lighting projects 

  • Generator installation and automating change over

  • Electrical wiring both Industrial and Commercial 

  • Overhead lines construction (11kV & 33kV lines) 

  • Installation and commissioning of transformers and Switchgears for both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage – up to 33kV. 

  • Cable laying, termination and jointing