Our Energy Management Solutions

EMK Power & Construction Techniques offers Energy Management Solutions by providing hardware, software and services to help improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy intensive industrial processes. Our clients benefit from better energy management throughout their operations and increased profitability from our impeccable services.


Our Energy Management Solutions combine energy and process optimization and appropriately incorporates solutions into advanced control and optimization strategies. The components of the solutions we offer include:

Heat and power recovery using pinch analysis for improved integration

Steam and power optimization

Feed stock selection

Dynamic energy & emission targets calculations

Energy contract management

Our solutions can be implemented at various stages from small-scale to higher-value projects.

EMK Power & Construction Techniques has expertise in process technology, process control and energy efficiency and employs solid methodologies, best engineering practices and work processes to ensure value from energy efficiency projects is achieved and maintained by our clients.

We offer the best services

Our Energy Management Solutions help industries use energy efficiently and purchase it more economically. We aim to improve overall process efficiency, while reducing environmental impact and improving regulatory compliance.

We offer energy savings through the awareness of energy efficiency and the impact of activities on productivity and cost. Our awareness is aimed at driving appropriate and necessary energy efficiency behaviors in achieving company objectives. We have operational improvements in real-time optimization, monitoring and process control, and we combine these to provide a platform for delivering sustainable energy efficiency solutions.

We measure actual systems and process performance against dynamic targets to identify deviations and to ensure that operations are managed and controlled properly to deliver the most energy efficient levels of productivity.

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.